Punjab Government Allocates 1.6 Billion Rupees for Free Books and Tree Plantation in Schools

punjab government allocates 1.6 billion rupees for free books and tree plantation in schools

The Punjab government recently decided to spend a significant amount of 1.6 billion rupees to give free books to students in schools across the province. This decision aims to make education more accessible and to encourage a love for learning. Moreover, it also helps in taking care of our environment.

The main idea behind this initiative is to reduce the financial burden on students and their families. By providing textbooks for free, the government wants to make sure that every student can get an education without worrying about the cost.

Here’s how the plan will work:

  • The Finance Department has given the money to the Schools Education Department, which will make sure that the free books reach all schools in Punjab.
  • Schools have to use a special app to join in the tree planting activity.
  • They also need to take pictures of the trees they plant and upload them using the app.
  • The app will keep track of the types of trees planted and how well they are growing.

The School Education Department has sent a letter to all school principals, telling them to follow the rules about the free books and tree planting. This makes sure that everyone follows the plan properly.

Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab, has been talking a lot about saving the environment and getting people involved in planting trees. She says planting trees is important for fighting air pollution and making Punjab look more beautiful.

Who can get free books?

Any student going to school in Punjab can get free textbooks, no matter how rich or poor their family is.

In conclusion, the Punjab government’s decision to spend 1.6 billion rupees on free books shows how much they care about education and the environment. By giving students the books they need and encouraging tree planting, they are helping everyone grow and making sure the future is bright.