Punjab Government Allocates Rs12 Billion for Solar-Powered Tube Wells

punjab government allocates rs12 billion for solar powered tube wells

The government of Punjab has decided to spend Rs12 billion to change how tube wells on farms get their power. They want to use solar energy instead.

In a meeting held at Agriculture House, Secretary Agriculture Iftikhar Ali Sahoo explained this decision. He said it’s part of the “Transforming Punjab Agriculture Program.” Using solar energy will make it cheaper to power the tube wells. The Agriculture Extension Department will give information about how crops are grown in different areas.

The irrigation department will tell about the water levels underground. They won’t include areas with very low water levels in this plan. The Water Management department will make sure the land is flat using lasers in areas where solar-powered tube wells are used.

To make this happen, the Energy Department will select companies that make good solar systems. These companies need to have a good reputation for their technical skills and money management. They’ll use high-quality materials to set up the solar systems.

Farmers who want to be part of this scheme will apply through the Agriculture Department. The final list of farmers chosen will be decided through a fair selection process.

My Opinion: Transitioning to solar energy for powering tube wells in agriculture is a smart move for Punjab. It not only reduces costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability. The government’s initiative to ensure transparency in selecting farmers and companies is commendable, promising fair opportunities for all stakeholders.