Punjab Government Cancels Electric Bike Project, Proposes Fuel-Powered Motorbikes Instead

punjab government cancels electric bike project, proposes fuel powered motorbikes instead

Eco-friendly transportation plans in Punjab, Pakistan, faced a setback as the government decided to scrap its project to distribute interest-free electric bikes. The cancellation came on Tuesday, citing various obstacles.

Initially, the Punjab government intended to promote eco-friendly transportation, but due to certain challenges, the plan underwent a major shift. Instead of electric bikes, the government now proposes fuel-powered motorbikes, offering them at easy installment plans.

Concerns surrounding the electric bikes contributed to the decision. Issues such as bike features, battery theft, and low mileage raised red flags, prompting the government to rethink its strategy.

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz led a meeting to discuss the electric bike initiative. While acknowledging the environmental benefits of electric bikes, she deemed them impractical given the current circumstances.

The decision has disappointed environmental enthusiasts and students who had hoped for a shift towards greener transportation options.