Punjab Government Takes Bold Steps to Combat Pollution: Plastic Bag Ban and Solar Panel Subsidies

punjab government takes bold steps to combat pollution plastic bag ban and solar panel subsidies

The Punjab Government is taking big steps to fight pollution, especially smog. They decided to ban plastic bags all over Punjab. This decision came during a meeting led by Senior Provincial Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, where they talked about how to get rid of smog.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said the ban on plastic bags will start on June 6, 2024. She also talked about the need to teach people about fighting smog.

She said they’ll help make solar panels cheaper in Punjab. They want to put solar panels on all government buildings. They also want to make sure all vehicles get checked every year to make sure they’re not causing pollution.

This shows that the Punjab Government really cares about the environment and wants to do things to keep it clean and healthy.

Also, the Pakistan Hitech Hybrid Seed Association wants to be part of the National Seed Development and Regulatory Authority. They want to help make sure that farmers get good seeds. They’re worried about fake seeds hurting farmers and food production.

The association’s chairman, Shahzad Ali Malik, who helped bring hybrid rice seeds to Pakistan, says they want to make sure farmers get good seeds. They think having a say in the rules about seeds will help protect farmers and stop fake seeds from hurting crops.