Punjab Prepares for 2024 Summer Vacations: Shielding Students from Heat

punjab prepares for 2024 summer vacations shielding students from heat

In Punjab, both public and private schools annually shut their doors for more than two months during summer. This break aims to safeguard students from the blazing heat prevalent in the province.

Typically, summer vacations stretch from June to August, coinciding with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius. Weather forecasts predict temperatures nearing 39°C in May 2024, escalating further to surpass 40°C by June 2024.

Presently, the mercury hovers around 33°C in Lahore and neighboring cities, with expectations of a further rise in the days ahead. Such high temperatures pose risks of heatwaves, potentially leading to heatstroke and dehydration, endangering the lives of students. Consequently, authorities opt to close schools across the province for a period exceeding two months.

Last year, summer vacations commenced on June 6 and persisted until August 20, 2023. Educational activities resumed in all schools on August 21.

Looking ahead to Punjab’s Summer Vacations 2024, plans suggest a start date of June 7 (Friday), with schools slated to reopen on August 19 (Monday). However, the Education Department will finalize these dates after thorough consideration of all relevant factors.