Punjab Transport Minister Announces Expansion of Electric Bike Quota


Punjab’s Transport Minister, Bilal Akbar Khan, has revealed plans to bolster the allocation of electric bikes across the province.

The minister announced that Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz aims to double the number of e-bikes as part of a governmental initiative. Notably, the initial phase will focus on distributing bikes to students from various universities.

During the inaugural meeting of the steering committee dedicated to e-bikes, Khan emphasized the establishment of a streamlined procedure for application scrutiny and addressing student grievances.

Dr. Javed Ahmed Qazi, Secretary of Transport, highlighted CM Maryam’s directive to establish a steering committee to tackle issues surrounding the supply of electric and pedal bikes.

Previously, the Chief Minister sanctioned the provision of 20,000 e-bikes to citizens. Now, efforts are underway to further augment this number through an upcoming proposal.

Diverse proposals were presented during the meeting, with particular emphasis on accommodating special needs individuals and other segments in the program.

The provincial minister proposed the formation of a dedicated working group to address these concerns. Additionally, he instructed for a clear delineation of all procedures on the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) portal to mitigate any ambiguities.

Bilal Akbar Khan instructed officials to draft a proposal for allocating between 15,000 to 25,000 bikes to students, subject to approval by the CM. Furthermore, he mandated the advertisement of the scheme in newspapers and completion of all preparations before June.