Refreshing Rain Brings Relief to Lahore Residents

refreshing rain brings relief to lahore residents

Lahore had some rain on Monday, which was a relief for people after it was very hot for the last two weeks. Some parts of Lahore had thunderstorms and rain. Places like Multan Road, Gulberg, Chauburji, Garden Town, Liaqatabad, Gulshan Ravi, Dholanwal, Lower Mall, and Sheranwala Gate got showers.

Local government told WASA Lahore to be ready. They said everyone and everything should be ready, according to the directions of MD WASA Ghaffar Ahmad. They should have generators ready, and MD WASA’s officers got instructions too.

The temperature went down because of the cool wind and rain. The Meteorological Department said it might keep raining until June 7, which could help after the heatwave. But the sudden change in weather also caused some problems.

There were lightning strikes and heavy rain, and some areas lost power because of that.

Opinion: It’s good to see relief coming after the heatwave, but it’s also important for authorities to be prepared for the challenges that come with sudden changes in weather, like power outages. Overall, the rain is a welcome change for Lahore residents.