Saudi Authorities Issue Warning for Umrah Pilgrims During Ramadan (Banned Items)

saudi authorities issue warning for umrah pilgrims during ramadan

The Saudi government is cautioning Muslims preparing for Umrah during Ramadan to be mindful of certain items during their journey.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, there are items that pilgrims are not allowed to carry, including fireworks, laser devices, counterfeit currencies, and unregistered medicines.

The ministry advises those planning to perform Umrah to carefully review the list of prohibited items before reaching the entry points in the kingdom.

Earlier this month, Saudi authorities announced a new restriction: individuals who have already completed Umrah once during the holy month will not be permitted to perform it again.

The ministry emphasized that no permits would be issued for multiple Umrahs during Ramadan. This decision aims to reduce overcrowding, ensure smooth pilgrimage experiences for all, and improve crowd management.