Suzuki Cultus AGS Price Rises to Rs. 4,546,000 Amidst Industry Challenges


In the latest update from Pak Suzuki, the price of the Suzuki Cultus AGS has been revised to Rs. 4,546,000. This adjustment comes amidst a series of challenges faced by the automotive industry.

Shafiq Ahmed Sheikh, Head of Corporate Affairs at Pak Suzuki, addressed the situation in a statement. Despite the closure of production plants and various other factors, the company managed to hold its prices steady for nearly a year.

Sheikh highlighted the compounding factors contributing to the decision, stating, “Keeping in view the inflation, increased overhead expenses, increased international raw material and accessories costs, and shipment/freight costs, this situation has made it very difficult for Pak Suzuki to maintain the current selling prices.”

He also mentioned the unforeseen challenges, notably the Red Sea issue, which has further complicated matters. The uncertainty surrounding this issue has led to a significant increase in freight expenses, adding pressure on the company.

Sheikh emphasized that while Pak Suzuki endeavors to absorb the majority of the increased burden, a minimal portion will be passed on to consumers through price increases on some products.

The company finds itself in a precarious position, navigating through a landscape of rising costs and unpredictable external factors. Despite these challenges, Pak Suzuki remains committed to delivering quality products to its customers while managing the impact on pricing.

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