rising chicken prices in lahore raise suspicions of supplier collusion

Rising Chicken Prices in Lahore Raise Suspicions of Supplier Collusion

Chicken prices in Lahore have unexpectedly shot up, causing worry for consumers facing higher costs. Within a short span, the price per kilogram of chicken has surged by Rs200, raising suspicions of collusion within the chicken industry. Officials from the Livestock Department of Punjab suggest there might be collusion among chicken industry members, possibly using…

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Poultry Prices Plummet: Punjab Poultry Association Slashes Chicken Costs

“Poultry Prices Plummet as Punjab Government Strikes Deal with Industry Representatives” After productive negotiations between the Poultry Association of Punjab and provincial authorities, a significant breakthrough has been reached: a reduction in chicken meat prices. In a joint announcement, both parties revealed a Rs. 10 decrease in the open market prices of chicken meat, effective…

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