rising chicken prices in lahore raise suspicions of supplier collusion

Rising Chicken Prices in Lahore Raise Suspicions of Supplier Collusion

Chicken prices in Lahore have unexpectedly shot up, causing worry for consumers facing higher costs. Within a short span, the price per kilogram of chicken has surged by Rs200, raising suspicions of collusion within the chicken industry. Officials from the Livestock Department of Punjab suggest there might be collusion among chicken industry members, possibly using…

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fintech mnt halan expands with advans pakistan microfinance bank acquisition

Fintech MNT-Halan Expands with Advans Pakistan Microfinance Bank Acquisition

MNT-Halan, a financial technology (fintech) company based in Egypt, has purchased Advans Pakistan Microfinance Bank, although the exact terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed. Established in 2017 by Mounir Nakhla, MNT-Halan provides a wide array of financial and non-financial services such as lending, “buy now, pay later” options, e-commerce, payments, and on-demand logistics. Advans,…

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