government cracks down on over billing zero tolerance policy enforced

Government Cracks Down on Over-Billing: Zero-Tolerance Policy Enforced

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has issued a strong directive to combat over-billing across Pakistan. He emphasizes a zero-tolerance approach, ensuring no leniency towards any form of overcharging. Naqvi’s orders entail rigorous action against all perpetrators of over-billing, regardless of their status or location within Pakistan. He stresses that under no circumstance will over-billing be…

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pakistan railways embraces solar energy to cut costs and improve efficiency

Pakistan Railways Embraces Solar Energy to Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency

Pakistan Railways (PR) has finalized a plan to switch to solar energy, aiming to save at least Rs1 billion annually. They’ve identified 100 sites with heavy electricity use for this transition. Senior PR officials state that management is taking steps to increase revenue and reduce financial losses. This includes shifting housing colonies, hospitals, and offices…

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