understanding pakistan’s agricultural crisis farmers protest, policy failures, and economic impacts

Understanding Pakistan’s Agricultural Crisis: Farmers Protest, Policy Failures, and Economic Impacts

Recent protests by farmers in Pakistan have brought attention to the agricultural crisis, impacting the country’s economy and workforce. Triggered by policy changes and market conditions, the unrest stems from issues such as slashed procurement targets and low market prices for wheat. Government responses and accusations of corruption further complicate the situation. The crisis has…

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farmers'plight bumper wheat crop turns nightmare in pakistan

Farmers’ Plight: Bumper Wheat Crop Turns Nightmare in Pakistan

This year’s bumper wheat crop in Pakistan is causing distress among farmers as market prices plummet below the government’s set support price. With Punjab contributing over 75% of the total wheat yield, farmers in the province are increasingly frustrated, leading to a nationwide protest scheduled for April 25. Chairman of Kissan Board Pakistan Central, Sardar…

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commissioner randhawa kicks off wheat harvesting season in lahore division

Commissioner Randhawa Kicks Off Wheat Harvesting Season in Lahore Division

Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa officially began the wheat harvesting season in Lahore division by operating a harvester machine in Minhala village. The event was attended by village dignitaries, farmer leaders, and district officers. Randhawa expressed gratitude for the farmer-friendly policies of the Punjab government, highlighting Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s efforts for agricultural development. This…

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punjab government takes bold steps to combat pollution plastic bag ban and solar panel subsidies

Punjab Government Takes Bold Steps to Combat Pollution: Plastic Bag Ban and Solar Panel Subsidies

The Punjab Government is taking big steps to fight pollution, especially smog. They decided to ban plastic bags all over Punjab. This decision came during a meeting led by Senior Provincial Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, where they talked about how to get rid of smog. Marriyum Aurangzeb said the ban on plastic bags will start on…

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punjab's roshan gharana program bringing solar solutions to homes

Punjab’s Roshan Gharana Program: Bringing Solar Solutions to Homes

Punjab’s Roshan Gharana Program, initiated by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, aims to bring solar energy solutions to households across the province. Under this program, more than 50,000 consumers using less than 100 units of electricity will have the opportunity to receive solar systems. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the program, including how individuals can…

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