government allocates rs 60,000 million for higher education projects in 2024 25

Government Allocates Rs 60,000 Million for Higher Education Projects in 2024-25

The federal government has set aside Rs 60,000 million for the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for the fiscal year 2024-25. This funding will support 141 ongoing projects and 19 new initiatives. According to the budget, Rs 41,871.792 million is for ongoing projects, and Rs 18,128.208 million is for new ones. For ongoing projects: Additionally: For…

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rising electricity tariffs loom over pakistan another blow to consumers

Government Seeks World Bank Aid for Energy Sector Amidst Solar Power Surge

The government is seeking assistance from the World Bank to handle the mounting burden of capacity payments in response to the surge in solar power generation in the country. The private sector’s adoption of solar panels has surged to a significant capacity of 6,800 megawatts (MW), with more individuals opting for off-grid solutions by installing…

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government launches digital training program for teachersImage credit: Development Action for Mobilization and Emancipation (DAMEN)

Government Launches Digital Training Program for Teachers

The government in Pakistan has started a new program to teach teachers digitally. There are about 1.8 million teachers in the country, and more might join soon. This program is a big step forward for education in Pakistan. It’s run by the National Institute of Excellence in Teacher Education (NIETE) and the LUMS School of…

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pakistan's plans to regulate cryptocurrency discussed by science and technology minister

Pakistan’s Plans to Regulate Cryptocurrency Discussed by Science and Technology Minister

Minister for Science and Technology, Shibli Faraz, revealed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s aim to regulate cryptocurrency within Pakistan. He shared this during the inaugural Pakistan Blockchain Summit 2022 in Islamabad. Faraz highlighted that the State Bank of Pakistan, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Finance Division are actively collaborating on this initiative, as per Radio…

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