pakistan railways embraces solar energy to cut costs and improve efficiency

Pakistan Railways Embraces Solar Energy to Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency

Pakistan Railways (PR) has finalized a plan to switch to solar energy, aiming to save at least Rs1 billion annually. They’ve identified 100 sites with heavy electricity use for this transition. Senior PR officials state that management is taking steps to increase revenue and reduce financial losses. This includes shifting housing colonies, hospitals, and offices…

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pakistan railways struggles with aging locomotives and financial constraints

Pakistan Railways Struggles with Aging Locomotives and Financial Constraints

Pakistan Railways is grappling with financial difficulties, unable to replace 100 locomotives that have outlived their operational lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Due to financial constraints and administrative hurdles, the railway is forced to continue operating these aging engines, some of which were purchased in 1975. Urgent replacement is hindered by the lack of…

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karachi railway authority suspends business and karakoram express services until ramadan 18th

Karachi Railway Authority Suspends Business and Karakoram Express Services Until Ramadan 18th

Karachi’s railway authorities have taken a decisive step in response to a notable decline in passenger numbers, as reported by ARY News on Friday. Operations for both the Business and Karakoram Express trains will be suspended until the 18th of Ramadan. Passengers affected by the suspension of the Pak Business Express will find accommodation on…

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pakistan railways ceo announces four eid special trains, highlights financial independence and operational challenges

Pakistan Railways CEO Announces Four Eid Special Trains, Highlights Financial Independence and Operational Challenges

Pakistan Railways CEO Aamir Ali Baloch announces the operation of four Eid special trains in preparation for Eid-ul-Fitr. Baloch underscores the financial independence of the railways, noting a recent revenue surge from Rs5 billion to Rs8 billion. He highlights the significant role of coal transportation in financing railway expenses and acknowledges former Railways Minister Khawaja…

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pakistan railways, freight train, milestone, logistics, cargo transportation, environmental impact, railway efficiency

Pakistan Railways Achieves Milestone with Longest Freight Train in History

Pakistan Railways reached a remarkable milestone by successfully operating its longest freight train in history, announced a spokesperson on Friday. Spanning an impressive 2,500 feet, the train comprised 50 wagons, powered by an exceptionally robust engine. Loaded with a substantial cargo weighing over 3000 tons, the freight train embarked on its journey from Karachi to…

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