auto industry crisis in pakistan suzuki alto prices skyrocket while larger vehicles see reductions

Auto Industry Crisis in Pakistan: Suzuki Alto Prices Skyrocket While Larger Vehicles See Reductions

The auto industry in Pakistan is facing a tough time as prices, especially for small cars like the Suzuki Alto, are climbing higher. Despite decreases in prices for larger vehicles, the disparity is striking, especially when compared to neighbouring India. Price Comparison: In Pakistan, the Suzuki Alto kicks off at a staggering Rs 23.31 lakh,…

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samsung phones prices drop in pakistan relief for consumers as rates decrease

Samsung Phones Prices Drop in Pakistan: Relief for Consumers as Rates Decrease

Mobile phone prices have been steadily rising in recent years, burdening consumers with increased costs. However, there’s good news for people feeling the pinch of inflation: phone rates have dropped by up to 15 percent in Pakistan, thanks to the local currency gaining strength against the dollar. The positive signs of economic recovery have played…

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