farmers'plight bumper wheat crop turns nightmare in pakistan

Farmers’ Plight: Bumper Wheat Crop Turns Nightmare in Pakistan

This year’s bumper wheat crop in Pakistan is causing distress among farmers as market prices plummet below the government’s set support price. With Punjab contributing over 75% of the total wheat yield, farmers in the province are increasingly frustrated, leading to a nationwide protest scheduled for April 25. Chairman of Kissan Board Pakistan Central, Sardar…

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president zardari to address parliament in joint session amidst opposition protests

President Zardari to Address Parliament in Joint Session Amidst Opposition Protests

Today, the Parliament House in Pakistan is abuzz with anticipation as the joint session of Parliament convenes. Ayaz Sadiq, the Speaker of the National Assembly, will preside over the session, which marks a significant event in the country’s legislative calendar. At 4 pm, President Asif Ali Zardari is scheduled to address the joint session, making…

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punjab farmers demand fair wheat prices post eid

Punjab Farmers Demand Fair Wheat Prices Post Eid

Punjab’s Kisan Ittehad, a farmers’ union, is gearing up for widespread protests across the province following Eidul Fitr. They are slamming the government for setting a low support price for wheat. Chaudhry Khalid Hussain Bath, the Chairman of Kisan Ittehad, has strongly criticized the government’s decision to keep the wheat support price stagnant at Rs3,900…

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protest erupts as government schools face privatization and pension rules change

Protest Erupts as Government Schools Face Privatization and Pension Rules Change

The announcement of privatizing more than 1000 government schools and unexpected changes in pension rules by Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has stirred up unrest among government teachers from various cities. They are urging the government to reconsider its decision. In response, the Punjab Police carried out a significant crackdown on government employees, resulting in…

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