rising electricity tariffs loom over pakistan another blow to consumers

Government Seeks World Bank Aid for Energy Sector Amidst Solar Power Surge

The government is seeking assistance from the World Bank to handle the mounting burden of capacity payments in response to the surge in solar power generation in the country. The private sector’s adoption of solar panels has surged to a significant capacity of 6,800 megawatts (MW), with more individuals opting for off-grid solutions by installing…

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punjab finance minister pushes for economic documentation and tax reforms

Punjab Finance Minister Pushes for Economic Documentation and Tax Reforms

Punjab’s Finance Minister, Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman, highlights the pressing need to document the economy. He states that the provincial government will make changes to the Punjab Sales Tax Act to make its revenue authority more effective. Additionally, the government plans to update tax rates set by the Board of Revenue, which have remained unchanged for…

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