rising electricity tariffs loom over pakistan another blow to consumers

Government Seeks World Bank Aid for Energy Sector Amidst Solar Power Surge

The government is seeking assistance from the World Bank to handle the mounting burden of capacity payments in response to the surge in solar power generation in the country. The private sector’s adoption of solar panels has surged to a significant capacity of 6,800 megawatts (MW), with more individuals opting for off-grid solutions by installing…

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ministry of energy denies fixed tax on solar power users

Ministry of Energy Denies Fixed Tax on Solar Power Users

The Ministry of Energy’s Power Division dismissed rumors on Saturday about a proposed fixed tax on solar power users. Reports circulating on social media claimed that the Central Power Purchasing Agency had suggested taxing residential and commercial users of solar power at Rs2,000 per kilowatt. However, according to state-run Radio Pakistan, the Power Division clarified…

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save big on electricity bills with punjab's roshan gharana program

Save Big on Electricity Bills with Punjab’s Roshan Gharana Program

Are you worried about high electricity costs? Check out the innovative Roshan Gharana Program, a new initiative led by Punjab’s Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz. This program aims to change Punjab’s energy scene by giving 50,000 homes free solar power systems. More Than Just Saving Money: Creating a Greener Future Roshan Gharana isn’t just about saving…

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