upcoming weather prepare for changes in temperature and storms

Upcoming Weather: Prepare for Changes in Temperature and Storms

The weather is about to change in Pakistan, with temperatures rising and storms on the horizon. Here’s what to expect: Balochistan: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Gilgit-Baltistan/Kashmir: Punjab/Islamabad: Sindh: Possible Impacts and Advisories: Conclusion: Stay informed and prepared for the upcoming weather changes. Take necessary precautions to stay safe and minimize any potential damage. My Opinion: It’s crucial…

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weather forecast rain and storms expected in lahore and punjab

Weather Forecast: Rain and Storms Expected in Lahore and Punjab

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) expects rain, thunderstorms, and isolated hailstorms in Lahore and parts of Punjab over the weekend. According to the PMD, a strong westerly wave is affecting western Pakistan. This weather pattern is likely to spread across the country by April 13th and continue until April 15th, mainly impacting the upper regions….

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