punjab police officer arrested for allegedly taking bribes from chemical kite string manufacturers

Punjab Police Officer Arrested for Allegedly Taking Bribes from Chemical Kite String Manufacturers

A police investigation officer in Punjab got arrested for allegedly accepting bribes from manufacturers of chemical kite strings. A special police team caught Ibrahim, who was in charge of investigations at the Ghulam Mohammadabad police station in Punjab, red-handed. He was allegedly taking a bribe from chemical kite string manufacturers in Faisalabad. In response to…

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karachi railway authority suspends business and karakoram express services until ramadan 18th

Karachi Railway Authority Suspends Business and Karakoram Express Services Until Ramadan 18th

Karachi’s railway authorities have taken a decisive step in response to a notable decline in passenger numbers, as reported by ARY News on Friday. Operations for both the Business and Karakoram Express trains will be suspended until the 18th of Ramadan. Passengers affected by the suspension of the Pak Business Express will find accommodation on…

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