TikTok Drama Unfolds: Usman Bhalli’s Viral Videos Spark Controversy

tiktok drama unfolds usman bhalli's viral videos spark controversy

In a recent twist of events, videos featuring Usman Bhalli, a famous TikTok personality, have been circulating online, causing a lot of talk among social media users. These videos have made people wonder about the personal boundaries of social media stars.

The videos, which have now gone viral, show Bhalli talking about private parts of his life. Screenshots of the videos were also shared by Aliza Sehar, another well-known TikTok personality who shares videos about her life in the village. Sehar herself faced a similar controversy last year.

As the saga of the “Usman Bhalli viral video” unfolded, Bhalli responded by posting a video with his spouse, known as “Silent Girl” on TikTok. Silent Girl, famous for her saying “Baba G Sialkot”, confirmed that the videos were real but explained that they were over a year old.

She expressed her sadness about the videos being shared to cause trouble between her and Bhalli. Bhalli also shared her feelings, criticizing those responsible for sharing the videos and asking people not to spread them further.