Tragic Kite String Incident Sparks Outrage: Chief Minister Takes Action

tragic kite string incident sparks outrage chief minister takes action

The Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz, has responded to a tragic incident involving kite flying which resulted in the death of Asif Ashfaq. Asif was laid to rest amidst a gathering of mourners at the Samanabad graveyard.

When Asif, aged 21, fell victim to a kite string, emotions ran high as he was laid to rest following funeral prayers. Police have launched investigations to apprehend those responsible for the unfortunate event.

Asif Ashfaq was riding his motorcycle near T-Chowk Dijkot Road when a kite string cut his throat, as reported by the police. A First Information Report (FIR) has been filed against the unidentified culprits under the Kite Flying Act.

Upon reviewing CCTV footage of the incident where Asif fell on the road due to the string wounds, the Chief Minister instructed the police to swiftly arrest those involved.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister directed both the police and city administration to take stringent action against kite flyers and manufacturers of glass-coated strings.

Expressing deep sorrow over the tragic loss of life, the Chief Minister remarked, “Another precious life has been lost due to a kite string in Faisalabad. I urge the district administration and police to apprehend the individuals involved within 48 hours.”

Following the incident, the Central Police Officer of Faisalabad suspended the Station House Officer (SHO) of the Factory Area police station. However, questions arise from the legal heirs and locals about whether the suspension of the SHO could alleviate the grief of the bereaved family.