Understanding Battery Prices in Pakistan: A Summer Guide

understanding battery prices in pakistan a summer guide

Battery prices in Pakistan have gone up because many people need them during the hot summer. People often need new batteries for their UPS or inverter systems.

Some cities in Pakistan have more power cuts because many people use a lot of electricity. Different kinds of batteries are available, like lead-acid, lithium-ion, and nickel-cadmium.

Lead-acid batteries are still popular because they are cheap, strong, and can handle heavy loads.

Volta Battery Rates

ModelCapacityPrice (PKR)
Volta 12GEN-MR3520 Ah7500
Volta CR65L+40 Ah13100
Volta MF75L50 Ah14800
Volta MF80L75 Ah17500
Volta P-135 S PLATINUM PLUS105 Ah28500
Volta P-180 S PLATINUM PLUS130 Ah38000
Volta T-125 S PLATINUM100100 Ah
Volta P-270 S PLATINUM PLUS200 Ah57500
Volta P-225 S PLATINUM PLUS175 Ah47500
Volta P-250 S PLATINUM PLUS180 Ah50000

AGS Battery Rates

AGS GR-4630 Ah9600
AGS GR-6545 Ah13400
AGS GR-8760 Ah15600
AGS MF-65L45 Ah15000
AGS HB-100R ce80 Ah20500
AGS HB-65 T145 Ah14000
AGS SP-145100 Ah26500
AGS SP-180120 Ah31000
AGS SP-210150 Ah38000
AGS SP-250175 Ah43500

Exide Battery Rates

EXIDE GL50-Plus37 Ah11000
EXIDE N65L45 Ah13100
EXIDE SOLAR-5020 Ah7000
EXIDE SOLAR-10060 Ah15600
EXIDE EX110R85 Ah21500
EXIDE HP15095 Ah26250
EXIDE N135100 Ah26500
EXIDE NS200150 Ah39750
EXIDE N220170 Ah43750
EXIDE NS250-Plus200 Ah53500

Osaka Battery Rates

Osaka CR65L+ 40ah12100
Osaka MF-100L 80ah19000
Osaka MF110R 90ah22000
Osaka T125-S 100ah23000
Osaka P175-S 120ah30000
Osaka P210-S 155ah37000
Osaka P260-S 180ah43000
Osaka P290-Z 215ah52000

Phoenix Battery Rates

Phoenix XP50+L32 Ah11300
Phoenix XP-60L40 Ah12000
Phoenix XP-75R50 Ah15200
Phoenix XP-95L75 Ah19700
Phoenix EXT-130100 Ah26000
Phoenix TX-1100125 Ah33000
Phoenix UGLT-200-SE150 Ah39000
Phoenix UGLT-255200 Ah52250
Phoenix UGLT-275225 Ah55000


In my opinion, understanding the options available in the market is crucial before making any battery purchase, especially during seasons of high demand like summer. Lead-acid batteries seem to be a reliable choice due to their affordability and durability. However, it’s essential to consider individual needs and preferences alongside the available rates and capacities of different battery models.

Disclaimer: The battery rates and information provided here are subject to change and may vary depending on location and supplier. Always verify the latest prices and specifications before making any purchase decisions.