Unsafe Water Alert: 19 Brands Fail Quality Test in Pakistan

unsafe water alert 19 brands fail quality test in pakistan

The Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) stated that 19 bottled and mineral water brands are not safe for people to drink because they contain harmful substances.

They want the government to check these brands every three months and tell everyone about the results.

From January to March, they looked at 185 samples from bottled water brands in 21 cities. They found out that 19 of these brands are not safe because they have bad things in them.

Some brands have too much sodium, like Hensley Pure Water, Pure Life, Natural Pure Life, Klear, Am Mughal Pure Water, and Nero. Nero also has too much total dissolved solids (TDS).

Other brands, like Cleana, Orwell, and Still, have too much arsenic. Some brands have bacteria in them, like Starlay, Al-Faris Water, Nestlo Healthy Water, Nesspure, Pure Life, Natural Pure Life, Nesspak, Geo Max Premium, Cleana, Splash, Karakorum, Heavenly, and 7 Bro.

The PCRWR wants people to read the full report to know if the water they drink is safe. They put the report on their website at www.pcrwr.gov.pk.

My Opinion: It’s concerning to learn that so many bottled and mineral water brands in Pakistan are unsafe for consumption due to contamination. This highlights the importance of strict monitoring and regulations to ensure the safety of drinking water. Consumers should be vigilant and informed about the quality of the water they consume to safeguard their health.