Zanib Ke Papa, Muhammad Arshad Success Story

zanib ke papa, muhammad arshad success story

Arshad Reels, a family known for their entertaining videos, recently shared their journey to fame on a podcast. They live in a small area in Punjab, where they used to work in fields. However, they found their path to success through creating videos together.

Arshad and his wife, along with their three children, have gained popularity for their content. Initially, Arshad worked as a contractor in a factory, but his younger brother suggested he try making videos. This led to the creation of their YouTube channel, “Arshad Reels,” which has amassed over 5 million subscribers since July 2022.

Arshad’s journey began with a passion for singing, but he transitioned to creating religious content after his brother introduced him to it. Despite the attention their videos receive, Arshad prefers not to read comments to avoid unnecessary tension.

Their youngest daughter, Dua, adds her voice to the videos, though she’s often playing in the background. Arshad credits his camera skills to his previous experience in the film industry.

Using just an iPhone X and the CapCut app, Arshad manages to shoot, edit, and upload videos. He also relies on his brother Majid for assistance with content creation.

Despite facing criticism on various social media platforms, Arshad and his family continue to create videos, turning it into their full-time occupation. Their journey serves as an inspiration for many aspiring content creators.